13 May 2012

Rosti with Parma ham, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

We've had this rosti once before, and it was nice, but we thought it could be better with some tweaks. This night we wound up with 430g of processed potato instead of the 340g I'd written in that recipe, which must've been more than what it was the first time we had it, judging by my notes; we wonder if it was just too much potato. Last time it was a lot like hash browns with melted cheese and parma ham on top; this time the potato cake was really noticeable. If you try it, definitely don't use as much as 430g of processed potato.

We weren't impressed enough to make it again, though. I'd have rather had just plain hash browns. Also, if you do make it, you only need to make the rosti - we had way too much food.


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