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1 Apr 2010

Chili and Austrian potato salad; chocolate cake (with chocolate buttercream frosting) for dessert. Chili and Austrian potato salad; chocolate cake (with chocolate buttercream frosting) for dessert.

Chris did take pictures of this meal (and the next two) as he always does (his photography skills are far better than mine, so he usually does the picture-taking). But this time, the camera ate the pictures, so I can't show you. Ah, well. The chili looked like chili (imagine that); the potato salad was interesting-looking with slices of both pink fingerlings and purple potatoes in it. Use your imagination - pretend this is a book ;-)

I actually did this chili in the slow cooker: after cooking the ground beef and onion together the night before and shoving it in the fridge, I dropped all the ingredients in a pot, added enough beef stock to cover, and left it in a low oven all day while we were out and about. I also nearly doubled the canned tomatoes called for - I used all that I had in the fridge, because they would have gone off before I'd needed them again. I've adjusted that in my copy of the recipe. Since the chili wasn't boiling (and was covered in any event), it didn't reduce as it would on the stove, so it was a bit soupy when we got back. No worries, I just put it over a higher heat to reduce the liquid until it was a good chili consistency while we prepared the potato salad.

The chili came out very good! Enough kick to it to know we were eating chili, without being unpleasant. I'd pared down the amount when I'd originally copied down the recipe, and in the end it made two good bowls - yay! If we hadn't liked it, there'd be less to worry about. Now that we know we do, I'll likely do more next time and see how it freezes.

The potato salad I'd chosen to try out our pumpkin seed oil. Sadly, it came out just as ONION: no other flavors came through. If you try the recipe, add onion sparingly. Myself, I'll move on to another recipe altogether. Chris had never come across potato salad, so I was explaining to him that they usually have some sort of mayonnaise or mustard or something (I only know from eating them, this is the first one I've made). This, of course, gave us the idea to try making a mayonnaise/miracle whip-type thing with the pumpkin seed oil and trying that.

Amidst all the other stuff going on in the kitchen (for our Easter project), I did whip up a chocolate cake. Cookie_chef helpfully pointed me to her recipe, telling me how great it is. Eating it, I decided it was just a tad on the side of fudgy on the fudgy ---- dry continuum that I think chocolate cakes exist on. Much later, I realized, smacking my forehead, that this cake's placement on that continuum probably has something to do with the fact that I used plain (all purpose) flour instead of self-raising. Oops. So, I've left that cake marked 'not tried' in my recipe system, and I shall try it again sometime, as it holds lots of promise - hopefully this time with the right flour.

The cake was really just an effort to try to use up our chocolate buttercream still left from all that chocolate cake I made a couple of weeks ago. It failed: we still have some left. Ah, well. Maybe it'll keep longer than the two weeks the author said it would. Here's hoping!


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