18 Mar 2010

Hollywood chicken over rice, with broccoli salad and more Irish soda bread. Hollywood chicken over rice, with broccoli salad and more Irish soda bread.

This is good! I wasn't sure if I'd like the curry powder in this the first time we tried it, but the magazine made it sound so good (you should go read the recipe, if you haven't) that I tried it anyways - and I quite like it! It uses quite a lot of curry powder, in fact, and this night used up the rest of our curry powder - yay! I like finishing off spices and herbs, it means I don't have to worry about whether they've gone stale on the shelf. In the future I'll likely make my own curry powder, tis easier to deal with that way. We have all the ingredients anyways.

The broccoli salad didn't keep so well to this, its third day - definitely eat that within two days if you have it. Shouldn't be too hard, just bear that in mind when deciding how much to make.

We actually made the Irish soda bread on the 17th, and it somehow made it into none of the pictures, so I forgot about it. We had some the 17th, some the 18th, and since it didn't keep so well to lead one to believe it'd be any good on the third day, designated the rest as bread to feed the ducks, and stuck it in the freezer. It was good, though. I was rather leery about the recipe, after reading some of the reviews, but it seems Bon Appetit fixed the problems when they re-tested the recipe. They didn't call for any salt, and didn't specify which sort of butter to use, so I used salted butter to give the bread some salt for flavor purposes. It turned out good, and was fairly simple. And it let me use my new pastry blender! :-)


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