12 Aug 2009

Red beans and rice with salad; Philadelphia simply sensational truffles for dessert. Red Beans and Rice, with salad; Philadelphia simply sensational truffles for dessert.

This red beans and rice recipe worked out really well, wewt! I wasn't all that happy with any of the recipes I've had and tried, so today I pondered it, with input from Chris, and decided to combine the best of two of the recipes. One is a traditional slow recipe; the other is a fast recipe (from a restaurant) that starts with canned beans (I use the beans I prepare from dry by soaking and mostly cooking them, then freezing them). I like the creaminess of the beans that results from the long cooking; mashing some of them (as called for in the Guy's Gumbo Shack recipe) works in a pinch, but isn't as nice. Yet, I like the vegetables to not be complete mush, either. So I think this has got the best of both worlds, wewt. It certainly tasted good, and is mostly gone ;-)

The truffles were really rich, and quite good. They disappeared quite fast, anyways ;-) These truffles were easy to make, most of the time spent is letting things soften or harden. I would advise having something on hand you want to dip in chocolate, though: you wind up with a fair amount of excess chocolate after the dipping stage. Next time I'll get some rice crispies in beforehand, and make some rice crispy treats with it.


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