Our finds from today ... Home, 1 July 2010 Our finds from today ...

From the farmers' market, we got cheese from the Really Good Cheese stall; some more smoked garlic and smoked chicken breasts from Derbyshire Smokery (who really needs a website); some chorizo from another vendor; some dumpsie-dearie jam, which is quite yummy; and some lavender & chamomile soap from Coconut Blush, the lady who did our wedding favors; we also got Chris a new belt.

From Lomas Foods, which has lots of odds and ends and is a place I love to go see what they have this time, we got the dress and suit carriers to keep our wedding clothes protected in the attic (mostly from sawdust); we'll need them again for our do in Louisiana! We also found there the contact paper, which wound up re-covering our white board. I also was quite excited to find sparkling grape juice! It's the first I've seen here, and it's not Welch's, but it's not bad!

From the hardware store, Conways, we got the gray things, which are to help with the shelves Chris will make for the kitchen. Apparently others call them wall plugs, but years ago, when Dad explained to me how they work (you put them into the wall, then you put the screw in them, and the gray thing splays out and holds it in the wall), I said, "O, like a tampon?" Dad, being a man, said, "if you say so." Heh. Anyhow, I call them wall tampons, since that's more descriptive of what they do. Wall plugs sound like they should plug up holes in the wall or something - sounds like something you buy to fill in the holes in the walls before you move out of a place. Anyhow, we also got the varnish for the shelves there, the screws, and we finally found a proper bottle brush - at the hardware store, of all places!

From Hargreaves, another shop I love to go into, we got the chef's knife - a wedding present, thanks Alex and Pradeep! It is SO awesome! We also picked up the floursack towels, another use of wedding money, and they are truly excellent. We also got a couple more of the mini-measures we found last time, they're just so useful! We decided to try their tea room this day, for a change. Sadly, I must report that the lunch was overpriced and not so tasty, so we won't do that again. But they did give me this o-so-cute Coca-cola bottle (tis 200mL, about 7 fl oz), so I kept that for decoration :-)

We got bread at a bakery we like in Buxton.

Home, 1 July 2010


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